ClicOH: A LatAm Shipping Solutions Startup

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clicOH, a Latin American online shipping solutions startup, has closed a $25 million Series A funding round led by Tiger Global.

Founded in 2020, clicOH aims to revolutionize online commerce and fulfillment in LatAm markets by providing a logistics platform for small and medium-sized businesses.

This strategic investment will help accelerate their mission to become a leading LatAm shipping solutions provider.

Overview of clicOH

clicOH is an innovative LatAm shipping solutions startup that provides customers with professional, transparent, and cost-effective shipping services. The company was founded in 2018 to address the challenges of small and medium enterprises in Latin America posed by traditional shipping options that are often slow, complex and expensive. Through its technology-driven platform, clicOH aims to make it faster, easier and cheaper to ship parcels in Latin America.

Recently clicOH announced the close of a $25 million Series A funding round led by Tiger Global and participation from other investors including Y Combinator Continuity, and Magma Partners. This follows clicOH’s earlier seed rounds of capital from Susa Ventures, Presence Capital and others.

The company plans to use the new capital to expand into new markets across Latin America and build a world-class engineering team in Santiago de Chile where their headquarters is located. As mentioned earlier, clicOH also plans on leveraging its technology infrastructure to develop innovative products such as dynamic route matching for improved delivery efficiency.

Overall, clicOH is paving the way for innovation within the LatAm shipping space by providing businesses with cost-effective solutions while offering customers enhanced logistics experience across Latin America.

Overview of LatAm Shipping Solutions

Latin America (LatAm) is home to some of the world’s fastest-growing economies, yet shipping and logistics remain a significant challenge for businesses operating in the region. Varying taxation rules and regulations, multifaceted transportation networks, and limited freight spending visibility are some of the issues facing companies looking to move goods across borders. In response to these challenges, LatAm shipping solutions startup clicOH recently closed a $25 million Series A funding round led by Tiger Global Management.

The goal of clicOH is to become the leading online marketplace for international shipping in LatAm. It connects businesses with a network of local service providers that offer comprehensive shipping services including delivery, customs clearance, storage and distribution. The company facilitates end-to-end shipment visibility, providing real-time pricing and cost optimization opportunities from its extensive carrier database. Additionally, its white label capability means third parties can create branded versions of its platform for their customers worldwide.

The investment size demonstrates the strong demand for international shipping solutions in LatAm—particularly those provided by clicOH—a trend also seen elsewhere in emerging markets such as Southeast Asia. Already boasting an impressive list of clients within LatAm and beyond, clicOH looks set to disrupt traditional supply chain operations while changing how businesses move goods internationally.

LatAm Shipping Solutions Startup clicOH Closes $25 Million Series A Funding Led by Tiger Global

clicOH, a LatAm shipping solutions startup, recently announced that they had closed a $25 million Series A funding round led by Tiger Global. This injection of funds will help clicOH to expand their services and solutions across Latin America.

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This raises the question – how did clicOH manage to close this round of funding, and what is clicOH’s goal going forward? First, let’s look at the company and its plans.

Overview of the Series A Funding

On January 28, 2021, clicOH, a LatAm shipping solutions startup, announced the completion of its $25 million Series A funding round. The funding round was led by Tiger Global, and included investments from SoftBank Latin America Fund and existing investors Point72 Ventures and Ademar Arruda.

With this new investment, clicOH will focus on expanding its technology platform to offer leading-edge shipping solutions to enterprise customers throughout Latin America and beyond.

The founding team of clicOH has extensive experience in logistics operations and shipping technologies, which drove them to create the platform. Their expertise allowed them to develop a fully integrated suite of services that help companies streamline their supply chain processes and increase efficiency while providing exceptional customer service.

The investment marks an important milestone for the clicOH team as they solidify themselves in the logistics solutions providers in the LatAm region. The new funds provide additional capital that can be used to strengthen their technology infrastructure, hire top talent and fuel further expansion plans into other markets outside Latin America.

Tiger Global’s deep understanding of venture investing and Point72 Ventures’ understanding of logistics tech makes it an ideal partner for deploying capital required for fast-tracking growth initiatives for latamwide market penetration. By leveraging Tiger Global’s experience across industries from consumer Internet to enterprise software and point72’s industry expertise in building global logistics firms like Flexport -clicOH looks to capitalize on this knowledge base for rapid sales cycle development – creating one stop purchase journeys across the value chain with much more optimized procurement process management capabilities involved throughout these end-to-end scenarios.

Details of the Funding

On Monday April 22nd, clicOH announced it had secured $25 million in Series A funding, led by Tiger Global, to fuel future growth and expand its comprehensive suite of LatAm shipping solutions.

The Series A funding round included participation from existing investor Y Combinator and new investors Greycroft and Monashees. The new money will be used to expand clicOH’s product suite and operations into more markets internationally, specifically targeting the Latin American (LatAm) region.

clicOH enables businesses to easily import domestic parcels from other countries in LatAm. It connects companies with logistics vendors in all 10 LatAm countries, allowing them to directly compare prices, compare transit times, book shipments and track packages. clicOH consolidates all this data in a simple online dashboard for easy viewing and management.

The goal of this round is for the startup to become the go-to LatAm shipping solutions provider for businesses operating within the market. With its enhanced rate comparison capabilities, data-driven insights, multi-country coverage, and advanced tracking features – powered by its direct API access into leading carriers–clicOH provides customers with a comprehensive suite of shipping options they can use domestically throughout Latin America and internationally out of Latin America.

Impact of the Funding

clicOH, a Latin American shipping solutions startup, has recently closed a $25 million Series A funding round, led by Tiger Global. This funding round could have a major impact on clicOH’s product offerings and its future growth.

In this article, we will discuss how this funding could shape the startup’s future and the potential impact of this investment.

Expansion of clicOH’s Reach

The $25 million Series A Funding led by Tiger Global into the LatAm shipping solution startup clicOH will majorly impact business operations. This capital injection will allow the company to expand their reach to more customers, helping them become the dominant force in logistics and commerce in Latin America.

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With this funding, clicOH aims to invest heavily in its technology and infrastructure, building its network partners, scaling its staff and increasing efficiency. It will also help create new products and services for customers, create better customer satisfaction, and expand product offerings through collaborations with key partners.

The capital provided by Tiger Global comes not only with monetary contribution but also expertise on how to optimize operations for greater impacts. With a stronger infrastructure and optimized processes, clicOH is well-equipped to become Latin America’s leading shipping solutions provider.

Increased Investment in Technology

The recent closure of clicOH’s $25 Million Series A funding round led by Tiger Global marks a major milestone for the LatAm Shipping Solutions startup. This infusion of capital will allow clicOH to invest heavily in technology that will improve their current services and create new, creative solutions for customers around the region.

The increased investment in technology will also aid in furthering their mission to make shipping easier, faster, and more efficient. This is especially important in Latin America, where many companies have struggled to keep up with changes in the larger global economy due to capital constraints. By investing in improved technology such as automated order fulfillment and tracking systems, clicOH looks to help those companies better compete on a regional level and beyond.

This influx of capital will also bolster long-term development efforts regarding automation and machine learning capabilities already being implemented into the current platform. With access to resources and team members who have experience working on similar projects around the world, clicOH looks primed to open up new opportunities that benefit larger customers throughout Latin America and small businesses in remote parts of the region who were once left out of the equation.

Benefits of clicOH

clicOH is a LatAm shipping solutions startup that has recently closed their Series A funding round at $25 Million, led by Tiger Global. This is great news for the startup, and it suggests that a lot of potential is seen in the venture.

This article will explore the many advantages of this innovative shipping solutions startup.

Improved Delivery Times

clicOH is the first LatAm shipping solutions startup that has closed $25 million Series A funding led by Tiger Global with the help of Comet Labs, Valor Capital Group and CoAmerica Ventures. This means clicOH has access to a vast capital pool to make investments and fuel its growth.

The company aims to provide optimized delivery systems and improved customer experience within the Latin American marketplace. To achieve this, clicOH has implemented a groundbreaking “Next-Generation Delivery System” that can reduce delivery times compared to traditional methods. This system utilizes smart route optimization, advanced machine learning and AI technologies, and high-quality HD mapping. This helps customers ship their goods faster and more efficiently than ever before without worrying about delays caused by traffic or poor infrastructure.

ClicOH’s advanced technology also allows merchants’ data-driven shipping experience, enabling them to track goods more accurately from shipment selection through delivery confirmation on their platform. In addition, it provides customers with real time visibility of their shipments status, allowing for better forecasting for any changes in demand or logistics. With this advanced tracking system, there are also improved customer satisfaction levels across LatAm countries as it reduces order delivery times significantly compared to traditional shipping methods previously used.

Lower Costs

One of the primary benefits of using clicOH’s LatAm Shipping Solutions Startup is cost savings. By leveraging the company’s technology-driven operations, customers can save on shipping fees and costs associated with managing their shipping operations. Additionally, due to its lower costs, customers often experience better customer service and shorter delivery times than traditional cargo carriers and freight forwarding companies.

In addition to these cost savings, clicOH also helps clients reduce their overall environmental impact by utilizing technologies that allow clients to track and monitor energy use while optimizing transportation network routing to minimize fuel consumption. As a result of these efforts, clicOH has become an increasingly attractive option for companies looking for innovative ways to reduce their shipping costs while still delivering best-in-class customer service.

Lastly, clients can benefit from the $25 million in Series A funding recently secured by clicOH from key investor Tiger Global Management – helping the company scale up its operations across Latin America quickly, so businesses can take full advantage of all its features even sooner.

Increased Efficiency

ClicOH, a LatAm shipping solution startup, was designed to increase the efficiency of B2B companies as they handle high-volume freight and logistics needs throughout Latin America. Through its proprietary platform, clicOH can drive effective connections between shippers and logistics partners in Latin America, ensuring better utilization of available resources. In addition, the company aims to give clients access to various services that enable them to track their cargo’s progress in real-time and make informed decisions about their freight. As a result, clients are already enjoying increased visibility into their operations, leading to improved customer service and cost savings.

ClicOH recently closed a $25 million Series A funding round led by Tiger Global that will further expand its capabilities beyond Latin America. The company plans to utilize the funds to enhance its technology platform and introduce new products like driver/vehicle management system and enhanced merchandising tracking capabilities. With these investments, clicOH will provide even greater supply chain efficiency for B2B companies across multiple industries in Latin America and beyond.

Future of clicOH

Latin American shipping solutions startup clicOH has recently closed their $25 million Series A funding round led by Tiger Global. This is a big step towards the company’s future and opens new doors for them to build a global brand.

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This funding round, combined with the operational excellence and industry expertise of the clicOH team, will help them realise their vision. So let’s take a look at what the future of clicOH looks like.

Expansion into New Markets

clicOH, a LatAm shipping solutions startup that recently closed a $25 million Series A funding round led by Tiger Global, has big ambitions regarding expanding its services. The company plans to use the funds to enter new markets and ramp up investments in its technology stack.

The goal for clicOH is to revolutionize the Latin American logistics market by improving delivery times and costs for customers. To do this, the company plans on going beyond just serving fintech customers and into serving traditional businesses such as retail manufacturers.

The team is also investing heavily in technology, looking to build a unified platform that simplifies interaction between cargo carriers and customers while digitizing the experience. Automating paperwork handling is also planned as this would help speed up processes and make them more efficient. This solution will be centered on an AI-driven platform that allows clients to easily manage their logistics needs.

In addition, clicOH looks to bring its services onto other platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and WhatsApp so that users can access its services more conveniently. By allowing customers greater ease of access while simultaneously making processes simpler through automation of paperwork handling, clicOH looks to revolutionize the LatAm shipping industry soon.

Investment in Innovation

clicOH’s $25 million Series A funding round, led by Tiger Global, is a strong indicator of the potential of this LatAm shipping solutions startup. This investment will provide the startup with much-needed capital to further develop cutting-edge technologies and services to meet customer needs in Latin America and globally.

With the additional resources provided by this latest round of funding, clicOH will be able to pursue investments in innovation and expansion into other markets. In addition, clicOH’s research and development initiatives will drive forward new solutions for clients that allow for quick and efficient shipping processes. Moreover, these funds will enable the startup to seek more strategic partnerships with global players to attract more customers worldwide.

This new capital injection reinforces clicOH’s position as a major disruptive driver within LatAm Shipping Solutions and beyond. With their continued research and development efforts towards innovation and their growing presence internationally, clicOH is well poised to become a leading hub for international shipping solutions in Latin America in the coming years.

Potential Partnerships

As a LatAm shipping startup, potential partnerships are key for the success of clicOH. These strategic partnerships will enable the delivery of innovative products and services to strengthen their competitive edge through collaborations with external technology providers, logistics companies, and other specialized service providers.

With a successful Series A fundraising totaling $25 million led by Tiger Global, clicOH has taken advantage of increased resources to identify new partners and establish lasting relationships, allowing them to tap into new markets quickly while developing reliable financial models. Partnerships with industry leaders such as Amazon can offer mutual growth opportunities benefiting both the startup’s customer base and long-term profitability.

By effectively leveraging these strategic partnerships, clicOH can increase its customer base while reducing operational expenses. The collaboration can also allow them to access the latest technologies and engineering capabilities which can ultimately help bridge gaps in revenue due to price competition in Latin America’s highly concentrated market. Furthermore, it would serve as a platform for global expansion opportunities beyond traditional on-demand delivery services — positioning them as a go-to source for shipping solutions across Latin America.

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