ClicOH’s Series A Round was Led by Accel Partners

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clicOH, a customer engagement platform, announced today that they raised $25M in a Series A round of financing led by Accel Partners. This investment follows clicOH’s previous seed funding round, bringing the company’s total funding to $35 million.

This is great news for clicOH, as it further establishes their place in the customer engagement and analytics industry. Let’s take a deeper look at the details of this investment.

Overview of the company

clicOH is a technology company that focuses on improving how companies access and respond to customer reviews. Through their SaaS platform, clicOH enables businesses to track, monitor, and act on customer feedback in real-time. This technology provides faster response capabilities and data-driven insights to empower customers’ online experience.

Headquartered in San Francisco, the company was founded by entrepreneur Haden Quung in 2020. To date, they have raised over $500K from various public and private investors including Accel Partners, entrepreneurs Richard Collins and Agustin Gomez Ortiz, Y Combinator alum Andres Moran of RecoApp Financial and Techstars accelerator program. The company will utilize their Series A round funds to develop and market its flagship


Details of the Series A round

clicOH is proud to announce that Accel Partners led our Series A round with participation from existing investors including Matrix Partners and AngelList. These investments will accelerate product development, marketing, and operations to expand the team’s mission of making work easier and more collaborative.

Accel Partners, one of the most successful venture capital firms globally led the Series A round. Founded in 1983 by influential investor Bill Gurley, the firm has invested in over 2,000 companies with over 300 going public or getting acquired. Some of its notable investments include Airbnb, Dropbox, Spotify, Github and Slack.

This round is a big milestone for clicOH and our partners – matrix partners and angel list. We started in early 2019 with a dream to create a platform that simplifies how teams collaborate on project management and communication tasks. In less than a year after launch we have seen thousands of users across the world sign up for clicOH giving us amazing validation that we’re on the right track to solving this problem using a different approach from traditional platforms such as Asana & Trello or Communication platforms such as Slack & WhatsApp.

We are incredibly proud that we were able to raise this round with Accel partners and other angel investors & matrix partners who have believed in us since early days of clicOH & gave us their support through this journey so far. We are excited to make progress towards our mission with their partnership going forward!

Background of the Company

clicOH, a product-led e-commerce company, was founded in 2018 by a team of experienced entrepreneurs. clicOH aims to provide users with an easy, affordable, customizable shopping experience through their platform.

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The company has recently raised $25M Series A financing led by Accel Partners. We shall now look into the company’s background to better understand this Series A round.

History of the company

clicOH was created in May 2015 by the three co-founders, Obinna Ositadimma, Richard Frisby and Falon Fatemi. The company’s name derives from its mission: to “click open doors” for businesses.

Drawing on their experiences with SaaS and enterprise products, the trio recognized that connecting businesses and customers online could be radically simplified. So they set out to create an intuitive platform to bridge the gap between marketing and sales while providing a bespoke digital customer experience. The result? clicOH’s suite of products has been helping clients reach their business goals faster than ever.

Since launching in 2015, clicOH has become an industry leader and innovator in customer experience optimization. The company has rapidly expanded its solution portfolio while garnering several prestigious awards. In 2019, clicOH announced a major Series A round of funding led by Accel Partners—one of the world’s leading venture capital firms—which opened doors for global expansion plans for 2020 and beyond.

Overview of the product/service

clicOH is an AI-powered Visual Shopping solution provider specializing in image search, product recommendation, and content automation. Our platform helps customers to improve their visual search experiences and makes shopping more efficient while saving time and cost.

The clicOH Visual Shopping platform enables businesses to quickly customize their offering with the right images, drive repeat purchases by providing automated personalized recommendations, and produce high quality visual content at scale with our state-of-the-art Image Search & Automation (ISA) technology.

We serve global customers across multiple industries including eCommerce, publishing, media & advertising, consumer electronics and more. We have offices in Los Angeles (USA), Tokyo (Japan), Taipei (Taiwan), Shenzhen (China), Berlin (Germany) and are backed by world leading venture capital firms like Accel Partners. Our team consists of 15 nationalities from 11 countries speaking 9 different languages. We are passionate about building the best visual search experiences for businesses to connect with customers.

Details of the Series A Round

clicOH, a cloud-based SaaS company for SMEs, recently announced that it had raised $25 million in its Series A round of financing. This round of funding was led by Accel Partners, with additional participation from other investors.

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This Series A round marks the largest funding round ever for clicOH, and the company is confident that this funding will enable it to scale up its operations and drive growth.

Let’s take a closer look at the details of the Series A round.

Amount raised

clicOH recently announced that it has closed a $30 million Series A round led by Accel Partners with participation from additional investors.

The new financing will help the company expand its product and engineering teams, increase the number of featured and live events, add more TV and radio partners, support consumer awareness and engagement campaigns and further develop its technology platform.

clicOH also plans to increase strategic hires and grow a world-class team in California’s Silicon Valley. This Series A round brings the total amount raised to date by clicOH to $40 million.

Investors involved

The Series A round of clicOH was led by Accel Partners, a global venture and growth stage investment firm. Other investors involved included Valo Ventures, a Boston-based venture capital fund focusing on early-stage healthcare technology and services investments; S2G Ventures, an early-stage investor focusing on food and agriculture; and SeaChange Fund, an impact investment fund that invests in transformative technologies and business models. The round also included participation from existing venture capital partners, Sequoia Capital and Innovation Endeavors.

This latest round brings the total amount raised by clicOH to date to $41 million. This funding will drive further expansion of its provider network in the US market and additional product development efforts around billing, treatment note automation, telemedicine and AI/ML-powered patient engagement solutions.

Use of funds

clicOH announced that it has raised $20 million in a Series A funding round led by Accel Partners, including participation from existing investors Elysian Park Ventures, Nehalem Partners, Software Collective, and Social Starts.

The funds will be used to continue developing the clicOH platform, which includes expanding its integrations with other enterprise applications, developing new AI and machine learning capabilities to increase accuracy and speed of decision-making and building out capabilities across multiple geographies with an initial Asia Pacific focus. Additionally, the funds will be used to enhance founding team recruiting, marketing activities including customer acquisition strategies and operations scaling.

Impact of the Round

clicOH’s $25M Series A financing round was led by Accel Partners. This round of funding will open up various possibilities for the California-based startup.

This funding round will help clicOH make strategic investments, expand their footprint, and enhance their services. It will also enable the company to develop their products, hire new talents, and further build upon their existing products.

Let’s discuss how this funding round will impact clicOH’s growth.

Expansion plans

The Series A round of financing that clicOH received led by Accel Partners reflects the trust investors place in the business. This investment will enable the company to invest in its product line and maximize available growth opportunities. It is planned that with this injection of resources, clicOH will be able to expand its current offering with new products to serve its customer base better.

To further increase availability and reduce costs for customers, clicOH also plans to expand into new markets through strategic partnerships, allowing them to leverage economies of scale and local expertise. This, it is hoped, will help reach far-flung customers who would otherwise be inaccessible due to distance or differences in language or culture.

The firm also plans to deploy additional capital towards research & development activities that could provide essential benefits such as identifying new technologies, streamlining processes and improving efficiency. This will ensure that valuable resources are diverted towards their respective objectives within the organization thus providing a more efficient use of funds and ensuring that all goals are met within predetermined time-frames. Furthermore, such investments not only serve as a stimulating factor when it comes to motivating employees but can also spur innovation, giving a significant advantage over competitors in the same industry space.

Finally, clicOH plans on beefing up their marketing activities by deploying more resources into various channels to ensure better brand recognition amongst target audiences. Advertising campaigns in traditional media outlets such as radio and television and digital media stands (social media campaigns) should be implemented since younger demographics may be more effectively engaged with digital mediums!

Impact on the industry

ClicOH’s Series A fundraising round was led by Accel Partners and will likely have a positive ripple effect on the startup industry. It is a major boost for the company and will give them the resources to help drive growth and reach their desired targets.

This raise is expected to help fund the general operations of ClicOH but also enable them to invest in new products and services, enhance customer experience, develop more effective marketing campaigns and support deeper analytics. With this additional funding, ClicOH will also increase their hiring efforts to strengthen their team and improve delivery speed.

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Additionally, this investment will bring greater recognition and focus on the clicOH platform and similar companies working to bring innovative solutions for digital payments in India. This could motivate other investors to show interest in the field, creating a competitive environment for startups that can lead to better innovations, consumer pricing options and improved investor returns.

Recognizing that an industry leader such as Accel Partners has made this sizable investment may boost consumer confidence regarding online payments platforms helping clicOH increase its user base even further domestically and internationally.

clicOH Raises $25M Series A Financing

Today we are pleased to announce that clicOH has successfully raised $25M Series A Financing, led by Accel Partners. This Series A round signals a significant milestone for the company, allowing us to further invest in our technology and development efforts.

As we look toward the future, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our investors, partners, and supporters who have helped bring us to this point.

Summary of the round

We are thrilled to announce that clicOH has successfully raised capital in its Series A round, led by Accel Partners. This funding will enable us to expand our product offerings and team, pushing us one step closer towards dominating the live-streaming video industry.

The round comprised several strategic investors, such as Accel Partners and Insight Venture Partners, members of clicOH’s board of advisors, and past key employees who continue to be actively involved in the company’s development. We are thankful for the support they have provided throughout every stage of our journey.

We couldn’t be more excited to hit these milestones and look forward to continuing to revolutionize how people consume videos live in real-time. Through this funding, we aim to pace up innovation for giving users a superior streaming experience with engaging content

tailored for them.

Future of the company

With the successful closing of clicOH’s Series A round, led by Accel Partners, the company is well-positioned to support its mission to improve digital clinical trial recruitment and patient engagement. With this new funding, the company plans to further invest in research and development for its already comprehensive platform.

clicOH’s platform allows a clinical researcher to quickly maximize their subject recruitment efforts. With the additional resources from this investment, the team looks forward to delivering existing services more quickly and developing breakthroughs that will make clinical trial communication more efficient and personal than ever before. Through these efforts, clicOH’s hopes to reach even more patients as its client base grows exponentially in 2021.

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