The Features of Torii that Make it a Powerful Cloud App Management Platform

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Torii is a cloud app management platform designed to help businesses maximize the power of their software. With its intuitive and intuitive design, Torii helps organizations to further optimize their workflow and supercharge their teams by leveraging the cloud apps available to them.

The platform is backed by a $50M Series B led by Tiger Global, allowing organizations to take their cloud strategies to the next level.

In this article, we’ll be looking at the features of Torii and what makes it such a powerful cloud app management platform.

Overview of Torii

Torii is an all-in-one cloud app management platform that lets teams access, manage, and control their cloud applications. With Torii, businesses can easily connect applications, customize the experience for their users and deploy the tools they need to succeed.

Developed by a team of cloud-native engineers and tech professionals, Torii is designed to be highly scalable, reliable, and easy to use. With a focus on simplifying complex processes, Torii makes managing cloud apps streamlined and efficient. From account provisioning to usage monitoring, teams can set up their accounts quickly and easily without required training or technical knowledge.

Torii also provides comprehensive analytics that helps teams understand when and how these apps are being used and gauge the overall performance of the applications. This allows companies to accurately measure usage timeframes with granular insights which can then be used for further optimization, cost savings, or integration with other third party products that may be better suited for particular needs.

Torii’s features help companies increase their users’ productivity without losing control of their security posture and speed up User Access Reviews – making it easy to identify forgotten user accounts or underutilized computing resources – all from a single centralized console. The latest $50M Series B round of funding backed by Tiger Global further emphasizes how valuable these features are in helping businesses harness the power of cloud apps while supercharging their teams’ productivity.

Torii Raises $50M Series B Led by Tiger Global to Help Businesses Harness Cloud Apps and Supercharge their Teams

Torii is an AI-based, cloud app management platform designed to help businesses harness the power of cloud applications and unlock their true potential. In addition, Torii helps simplify and streamline how employees interact with cloud apps to increase productivity, reduce errors, and eliminate tedious manual processes.

By leveraging the industry-leading AI technology from Google Cloud Platform and a host of best-in-class integrations, Torii offers powerful features for managing access control, analytics, compliance, external collaboration, identity and access management (IAM), Single Sign On (SSO), notifications (for example, emailing on-demand reports) as well as streamlined onboarding and provisioning.

Additionally, Torii is an enabler of application orchestration by allowing users to combine their most important data streams from different cloud applications into a unified interface while also adding intelligent automation that helps make sense of large amounts of data. In this way powerful application pipelines can be created to help business teams drive decisions quickly and confidently.

Finally, for enterprises that need more than just data integration features or deep analytics capabilities across all of their apps – Torii enables system administrators to build personalized integrations for use cases that span multiple integration partners or backend infrastructures. Features like these form the basis for how Torii’s cloud App Management Platform has become such a highly sought after solution among some of the world’s leading companies today.

Features of Torii

Torii is a powerful cloud app management platform that enables businesses to streamline their operations and get the best out of their cloud applications. It provides identity and access management, access control management, secure network access, and more.

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With its recent $50M Series B investment led by Tiger Global, Torii is well-positioned to help businesses harness the cloud and supercharge their teams.

Let’s look in detail at the features of Torii that make it a powerful cloud app management platform.

Automation of cloud app onboarding

Torii’s automation of cloud app onboarding enables organisations to quickly embrace the cloud and adopt new tools. It can identify which team members need access to certain tools and quickly grant access accordingly. It can also manage the teams’ licences efficiently, enabling users to plug in the necessary software while avoiding uncoordinated purchase orders and unnecessary costs.

Torii’s automated onboarding is designed to be cost-effective and secure with performance metrics, so IT departments can track how their organisation’s latest technological investments are performing in real-time. This approach saves businesses time and money while ensuring they are up-to-date on the latest technological advancements.

Streamlined app access

Torii is designed to simplify IT teams’ lives by streamlining access to essential cloud applications. Setting up user accounts and managing single sign-on can be extremely time-consuming. With Torii, managing multiple applications in one place is as simple as a few clicks. Users are automatically provisioned with the roles they need while maintaining the highest levels of control and security.

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Torii goes beyond standard identity and access management features by helping users discover new cloud applications and automate app onboarding processes. Providing users with a secure, intuitive space makes it easier to find the necessary tools and collaborate more effectively. Application certificates are also automated to keep user data safe whether teams work from home or on the go.

Secure and transparent data access

Torii provides secure and transparent data access, allowing businesses to leverage cloud apps virtually anywhere with unrivaled protection and compliance. This is accomplished by providing audit logs that track any activity involving their data and implementing authentication protocols that provide secure data transmission over any network. The audit logs also provide insight into potential malicious activities, allowing the detection of potential threats before they become a problem. In addition, Torii ensures secure storage of all user data, preventing it from being accessed by unauthorized personnel. This approach ensures that customers can trust their sensitive information is safe and secure within the Torii platform.

Furthermore, Torii offers single sign-on capabilities which greatly streamlines the user experience. With a single click, users can easily access their cloud app accounts without manually entering credentials every time they wish to authenticate or log in. Furthermore, third-party integrations are also available for many other services such as Salesforce, Google Apps and Office 365 so organizations have the flexibility to leverage these services in their environment with Torii’s single sign-on feature as well.

With its secure and transparent data access capabilities, Torii provides businesses with unrivaled protection while optimizing operations through improved customer experiences and team collaboration. This allows organizations of all sizes to confidently deploy cloud apps within their environment with peace of mind knowing sensitive information is always protected from privacy breaches or malicious activities.

Automated user provisioning and de-provisioning

Torii’s automated user provisioning and de-provisioning system simplifies the tedious process of provisioning, managing, and maintaining cloud apps across departments. The system allows you to quickly create users and assign them to teams without additional IT help—no complicated scripts are required. You can also easily create templates for different user roles in specific cloud applications.

Not only does Torii automate the onboarding process, but it can also shut down user accounts automatically when an employee leaves or moves to a different team. This eliminates manual effort in managing access rights across multiple tools and ensures that only the intended employees can access what they need. In addition, Torii’s automated de-provisioning system helps secure your data, reduces organizational risks associated with data breaches, and complies with regulations such as GDPR.

Benefits of Torii

Torii is a cloud app management platform designed to help businesses harness cloud apps and supercharge their teams. The platform offers a range of features, making it a powerful tool for businesses to manage their cloud apps.

This section will discuss the numerous benefits of Torii, such as its user-friendly interface, scalability and integration with a wide range of third-party apps.

Improved efficiency

The use of Torii as a cloud app management platform can bring great improvements to efficiency for businesses. With access to powerful tools and helpful insights, it is possible to make the most of available resources, empowering teams to easily collaborate and finish their projects in less time.

Through automated provisioning and secure single sign-on authentication, organizations can save time by streamlining access control and enabling users to securely access their applications while ensuring regulatory compliance across various digital workspaces. Additionally, visibility into usage patterns and trends helps teams work more efficiently, providing deeper insights into usage data and improving productivity by finding ways to optimize application performance.

By leveraging Torii’s advanced analytics engine and data aggregation capabilities, IT leaders can gain greater visibility into cloud application usage to better understand which apps are used most frequently and least frequently to reduce spending wasted on unused licenses. Furthermore, Torii’s built-in budgeting capabilities can be used in order help business owners save money while increasing efficiency and streamlining team collaboration across a variety of platforms ranging from employee expense management systems to customer relationship management (CRM) solutions.

Improved security

Torii is a powerful cloud app management platform that helps businesses harness cloud apps and supercharge their teams. One of the primary benefits of Torii is improved security. By centralizing control of how users interact with critical business data, Torii eliminates threats posed by employees that misuse or are careless about their information sharing.

Torii’s granular access control feature gives administrators the ability to set rules for each user with regards to what data they can access, who they can share it with, and which actions they can perform on it—all while maintaining visibility into where data is going and the risk exposure associated with it. This granular access control feature also enables administrators to accurately track user activity and quickly revoke credentials when an employee leaves.

To further secure business sensitive data, Torii provides an end-to-end encryption layer and identity verification tools that use Single Sign-on (SSO) protocols when allowing users onto its platform. Finally, Torii notifies administrators if suspicious user activity occurs so they can respond accordingly. With these numerous layers of protections in place, businesses are free to let teams work with cloud apps without worrying about their sensitive data ending up in the wrong hands.

Reduced costs

One of the greatest benefits of Torii is its ability to reduce the costs associated with cloud applications. Torii can detect where an organization is using more resources or paying for unused services, helping companies to quickly identify areas where they can save money and redirect funds towards other important initiatives. As a result, organizations can optimize their cloud app investments and eliminate unnecessary expenses while still receiving all the benefits of utilizing the latest cloud apps and technologies.

Furthermore, teams can take advantage of negotiating better pricing and secure discounted deals through their agreements with Torii.

Torii also provides teams with enhanced control over who has access to which applications and features such as easily revoking user credentials when necessary, reducing the costs related to unsecured accounts. By utilizing these features, Torii helps organizations manage their access points. At the same time, controlling costs so that they can focus on more strategic projects that add value and drive competitive advantage within the market.


Torii is an innovative cloud app management platform that helps businesses harness the power of cloud apps and supercharge their teams. It offers many features, such as intuitive UI, real-time tracking, intelligent analytics, and project management tools, making it one of the most powerful cloud app management platforms.

In this article, we examined the various features that make Torii such a powerful cloud app management platform and how it can help businesses increase their efficiency and productivity.

Summary of Torii’s features and benefits

Torii is a cloud app management platform that helps businesses harness cloud apps and supercharge their teams. It provides a comprehensive solution to help companies easily manage and secure their applications. Torii’s unique features include:

1. Application Inventory: Torii lets businesses easily inventory their applications with its comprehensive asset management features. It also identifies mobile apps and IoT devices with automatic tagging technology, helping users stay organized.

2. Security & Compliance Monitoring: Torii provides real-time visibility into millions of events per second and details rich user activity across all cloud applications used on the network, allowing customers to rapidly detect anomalies and threats before they become an issue. Plus, it helps companies continuously monitor their usage against industry security protocols like NIST 800-53 and other regulatory standards such as PCI DSS and GDPR.

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3. Self Provisioning & Productivity Management: Torii automates user access needs with its powerful self-provisioning features for every user role in the organization including front line workers, sales reps, support staff, HR recruiters, IT admins and executives alike — this helps employees get to work faster while freeing up precious IT resources for other tasks at hand. Additionally, it offers helpful usage analytics from application distillation to quickly identify opportunities for improved employee productivity across the organization.

4 Professional Services & Support: To ensure customer success anytime they need assistance integrating Torii into existing systems or require specialized customization beyond pre-packaged products; they have Professional Services teams ready to provide custom solutions tailored to a business’s specific requirements. Finally, as part of their commitment to customer success businesses can rest assured knowing that full customer support is there through every step of the journey with dedicated Success Managers who are ready when needed via email or phone call 24/7/365.

How Torii is helping businesses harness cloud apps and supercharge their teams

Torii, a cloud app management platform, raised $50M in Series B funding led by Tiger Global to help businesses harness the power of cloud applications and supercharge their teams. This investment has provided the resources to further develop its platform, expand its reach globally, and equip more customers with its full features.

With Torii’s intuitive cloud management suite, companies can quickly and easily connect all their cloud applications, manage them from one central location. It also allows companies to get visibility into every application used by their teams so that they can better understand how their employees work or collaborate.

The integration dashboard displays all connected cloud applications so you can quickly make updates or transfers between them instead of manually moving data back and forth. Torii also offers collaboration tools that allow teams members to work together more efficiently such as chat rooms where messages can be easily sent back and forth. Additionally, stakeholders can use granular permissions settings that enable managers to restrict access levels for users inside and outside the company. This helps prevent unauthorized access while allowing people with different roles within a department or project group access to what they need to perform their jobs effectively.

The Torii platform also provides insights into user engagement so customers can quickly identify usage patterns across their team(s). This helps uncover opportunities for improvement in business processes or pinpoint areas lacking efficiency thereby helping companies optimize productivity and output.

Finally, Torii’s comprehensive customer success team is available 24/7 for help in day-to-day technical issues or long-term consulting on integrations and product strategy. With these features at your disposal, you too can supercharge your team’s collaboration efforts thanks to Torri’s simple yet powerful cloud app management platform!

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